TV Advertising Campaigns

We're Guerillascope, experts in TV advertising campaigns that maximise response whilst minimising costs.

When choosing Guerillascope as the TV advertising agency to manage your campaign, you don’t just get an ad positioned in commercial breaks without any consideration for your customer base. No, we’re about more than just simply getting your business on TV. We plan the most targeted of TV advertising campaigns, applying a meticulous approach to identifying the TV channels, programming, day parts and days of the week best equipped for providing access to your target audience. Our TV experts use refined analytical tools to develop the most cost-efficient TV advertising campaigns possible for your budget, guaranteeing the lowest TV rates and instant, measurable results. To learn more about Guerillascope, call  0800 088 6789.

The one TV advertising agency that speaks from experience.

Protect Your Bubble TV Advertising Campaign

Protect Your Bubble

"Guerillascope are hugely knowledgeable and hard-working. They get under the skin of your business and provide that rare commodity of genuine added value. I would highly recommend them."

Stephen Ebbett, Founder.

Low Costs, Big Results

Over the course of 13 years Guerillascope has developed a reputation for delivering not only the best TV advertising rates, but also the best results. We're specialists in squeezing every last drop of value out of your budget, using industry-leading analysis gleaned from state-of-the-art software to determine the TV channels, day parts, days of the week and programming that will deliver the biggest returns for the lowest costs.

TV Campaign Analysis

We see analysis as the lifeblood of your TV advertising campaign, the contextual foundations upon which to build  a presence that elevates your business to new heights. From the very outset, we conduct preliminary sector and competitor analysis to establish the most promising TV advertising opportunities for your brand. From there, we plan your targeted TV advertising campaign, which if approved is then booked and launched. Once your product or service is on TV we'll continually monitor its performance, measuring response rates, web traffic and the Cost Per Lead - the statists for which are delivered to you via either a weekly or monthly report. What's more, we provide all of our clients with login access, which means you can assess your campaign from anywhere and at any time! 

TV Advertising Production

We're experts in planning and buying TV advertising campaigns, but that's not to say we cannot be of use to you should your business require the production of a TV advert. We work in partnership with a small network of trusted TV production agencies that can cater for any creative brief and budget. Whether you're entering the TV market for the first time or  are an established name on the small screen, our production affiliates have the experience, talent and industry know-how to create an ad that ticks all of your boxes.

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